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Life is too short, so we must try to get pleasure from our business and from people with whom we work..

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Losev Company Limited specializes in supplying European enginery for Russian HVAC market. Our present range is directed mostly for industrial and commercial buildings: production departments, works, logistic centers and small warehouses , supermarkets, gymnasiums, movie theatres, religious apartments, hotels, business centers, etc.

We live and work in one of most beautiful city of the world…

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We believe in long-term, mutually beneficial relations with our partners (clients and suppliers). We think only such work can bring success in competitive struggle for both sides of any cooperation. We try to be professional in our field. Anyway honesty is not just a loud word for us in any situation.

If you think we can cooperate, please do not hesitate to contact with us:

Tel.: +7 812 9344439
E - mail:
Post: Bolshoy pr., 34, Krasniy Bor, Tosnenskiy area, Leningrad region, 187015, Russia

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